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Hi, My Name is Nakia
The B7ĀVE Speaker Franklin

Professional speaker, a talk show host, and transformational conversationalist.

Welcome to my page! I am Nakia Franklin and “The B7ĀVE Speaker”. I am a Professional Speaker, Creative Content Director, Talk Show Host, Past Radio Personality and Transformational Conversationalist. What makes me “The B7ĀVE Speaker”? As a transformative conversationalist, intense listener, passionate and purpose driven woman and leader I captivate the audience's attention while engaging in B7ĀVE, authentic, transparent, real, raw, and healthy conversations. I have those challenging and uncomfortable conversations that are needed, necessary and required to build and develop strong teams, authentic engagement, and transparency for sharing to achieve resolutions and solutions. I do this while establishing my credibility, building trust, and expanding my relationships with integrity, respect, and inclusion. Participants resolve to take measurable actions to fulfill their passions as they pursue their purpose. This is done by bringing to life the core values of B7ĀVE solutions through your active participation in B7ĀVE Enterprises, LLC. programs and services.

My Experience

I have over 25+ years of combined experience in Case Management, Supervision, Leadership, Safety, Compliance and Retail and Inventory Management. I am degreed in Criminal Justice/Political Science, Reentry Programs, Services and Compliance, Criminal Justice Policy, and Management, Business Management and Administration and Entrepreneurship. Prior positions held: Corrections Officer, Sheriff, Parole Officer and Board of Pardons and Paroles Hearing Officer, Safety & Compliance Regional Coordinator, Armored Vehicle Driver Trainer, Internet Syndicated Radio Host and Personality, Trainer and Speaker and Retail Sales. Affiliations: Fort Bend County Entrepreneurial Initiative (FBEI) and Incubator and Accelerator Programs Graduate, Landmark Introduction Leader, Program Participant, Coach, Assistant, Volunteer and Curriculum Graduate, and Women’s Business Center (WBEA) Certificate of Entrepreneurship College Scholarship Recipient.

a Joint Venture

Co-Owner ~~ Co-Host, Creative Content Director, and Executive Producer for the Real & Raw Talk Show with Nakia Franklin and Vawn Gretta.

This duo came together to create a Talk Show that highlights topics that are current, is organic, transparent, authentic and holds integrity, where there is NO JUDGMENT AND NO BOUNDARIES and is nothing less than REAL AND RAW conversations!

Created in just 13 days, these two childhood friends crossed paths continuously throughout the years. On November 10, 2020, they announced their collaboration and in 13 days broadcasted live with their Premier Episode, Monday night, November 23, 2020. While the content, guest and conversations are ever evolving these two ladies host a live interactive 1-hour episode every 1st and 3rd Monday night of the month at 8:55 pm cst. to 10:00 pm cst.

At 10:15 pm cst, they return to the airwaves live with comedian Slappy Payne for some interactive unorthodox fun, laughter, Real Talk and Real Thoughts and to share their thoughts about the night's episode and what they are grateful for. There are NO scripts, there IS audience engagement and Raw Conversations! Expect the unexpected!!! If you would like to become a sponsor and advertise on this platform, contact us for pricing and packages. If you would like to be a guest or be in conversation about a show idea contact us for a 30 minute discovery call.

My Other Ventures

Owner ~~ At The Appointed Time Consulting

Coaching, Workshops & Consulting for the second chance community who are seeking to transform their current situation and move to the next level while exceeding all expectations Spiritually, Mentally and Physically with Ease!

We specialize in Parole Hearings & Supervision, Attorney Parole Hearing Support, Coaching, Motivational Speaking, Community Education & Awareness, Parole Officer Supervision Strategies, Innovative Parole & Parole Supervision Solutions, Parole Officer & Offender Related Policy, Rules and Conditions Review and Recommendations.

Initial 30- minute consultations are free. Retainers are available and must be paid for in advance. For further details please contact us and schedule a 30-minute discovery call now.

My Other Ventures

Owner ~~ S.I.P.S

This is a collaborative partnership to work with organizations in ways to create inclusivity, equity and diversity with companies who desire their staff to be trained, supported and equipped to hire and work with untraditional employees. We guide, mentor and support your staff in building, creating and discovering new innovative ways to work with quality staff, teams and employees that are trainable, receptive, have integrity and an authentic desire to achieve.

This is created as a possibility as leadership expands their traditional way of searching for quality and team members beyond the resume to afford individuals an opportunity to positively contribute through opportunities not easily accessible. Giving opportunity to untraditional candidates who are qualified and meet the company needs yet are often overlooked or rejected due to the lack of a quantifiable resume, experience and longevity on jobs opens the doors of possibility.

Our goal is to bridge the gap and unite the two while removing the barriers, stigmas and biases in the process. This is possible through partnerships, client investments, client actions and follow-through of recommendations and resources and with tools provided and shared. Thus, the creation of Socially Integrated Programs and Services aka S.I.P.S.

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