Our Core Values

Our Core Values


Our 1st core value is having a Boundless thinking process that removes roadblocks and limitations that supports our belief in the pursuit of limitless possibilities.

We help our clients discover and stay in possibility as they work towards achieving their short and/or long-term goals in realistic ways and within realistic times. Anything can stop us from achieving our greatness as human beings and with Boundless thinking we seek to provide recommendations, tools and resources that will support our clients in furthering themselves even when they feel stopped. We also believe self-care, wellness and self-love is essential in staying in possibility and knowing when to stop, step back, pause, reflect and recreate to remain in alignment with the intended outcomes.


Our 2nd core value is to have a R7edemption mindset that supports forgiveness as a catalyst for creating safe spaces for open and forwarding conversations. Thus, easing the ability to resolve differences and resistance within oneself and/or with others.

 The 7 represents "R" for Redemption and as human beings our experiences of life have the possibility of leaving us stopped and stuck in the past due to experiences, choices (intentional or unintentional) and/or uncontrollable circumstances. No one is perfect and we strive for perfection, yet sometimes being the perfectionist can cause us to not be our best-selves. Redemption allows us to have boundless thinking that creates open conversations that seek to resolve those areas that we often avoid acknowledging and could potentially cause unforgiving ways towards ourselves and others. This is never easy, which is why we have Redemption as a core value for our programs and services because nothing worth achieving is ever easy and it is so rewarding when you reach your end goal.

 Seven (7) is the number of completion and we want our clients to leave with the feeling of having completed something, anything, everything and there is no judgment on what that may look like for each client.


Our 3rd core value is to be Appointed by oneself or another. It rests on the moment a decision, a choice to choose or decide what will happen in a moment, at a time and with a purpose for an experience, a solution, or an impact has been made. 

 At B7ĀVE Enterprises, LLC, we believe that everything has an Appointed Time to be revealed, to be accomplished and to be acknowledged. Each of us is Appointed to achieve something, to build, speak, advocate for, create, innovate and do and only the individual through discovery can determine what that may be. It is not an instant, fly by night type of experience. Sometimes, you must be asked questions that you may not have been able to derive for yourself. It may be an experience you have yet to have had. It could simply be that you have not sat down with someone who will listen to you as the fully capable human being that you are. What are YOU Appointed for?  Who are YOU being for YOURSELF, society and the world? Are YOU living to YOUR fullest potential or capacity? Contact us today for a 15-minute discovery call and see how we may be able to help you discover this for yourself.


Our 4th core value is Victorious because we believe it is in this space that ultimately this is what we all desire to be.  With achieving intentional milestones, we are able to shift to a desired outcome, which are what leads to the ultimate desirable accomplishments. 

 Becoming Victorious looks different for every client and comes with the achievement of one milestone at a time.  This is a daily effort to accomplish what’s desired and there is no time nor space that defines what this looks like and creating a realistic plan of action will assist in reaching your goals.  We believe that Victorious experience can be achieved through possibility and transformative thinking. The result may not be the initial desire and it could be. We do not define for our clients what that looks like, and we do not pre-determine the outcome or results. We do support you in working towards your Victorious moment by creating accountability, providing support, resources, tools and opportunities. What Victorious moments have you yet to achieve? Contact us today for a 15-minute discovery call and let's create a plan. 


Our 5th core value is Empowerment, because we seek to support our clients in gathering access to create opportunities to empower them in being successful.  Our desire is for each of our clients to experience Empowerment within any program or service provided by B7ĀVE Enterprises, LLC. Everyone deserves to be left EMPOWERED.

 We are each given tools to live this life and not all tools provided are equally distributed. The value we provide our clients will always be different and uniquely created and discovered based on the needs of each client and as they evolve if so desired.  We seek to empower those that desire to be empowered through their active participation in our programs and services. Results come when the actions are being taken and we provide the recommendations, tools and support. We do not do the work for you, and we do not take ownership of your achievements. We do have an expectation that through your participation in B7ĀVE Enterprises, LLC you will become stronger, more confident, in control of one's own decisions. 

Our ultimate desire is for you to remove the boundaries and become Boundless, receive Redemption through self-love and acceptance, discover what you have been Appointed for to achieve your goals while becoming Victorious through Empowerment. Contact us today for a 15-minute discovery call and let's create a plan.